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Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 8 augusti 2017 17:50

Dear all, I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as you can!?!

I am right now rearranging our breedingprogram and I have decided to sell our broodmares as we now have a line of progeny of the mares including fillies and two new studstallions from all three mares. All three have possibilities to give me perlinos next year so I have no rush as I would be excited to see these foals, I am determined to find the best homes for my girls, they deserve it. All three are top breedingfoundation mares for breeding PRE for dressage with exclusive colourgenetics and they are all three in perfect shape as always and confirmed in foal. I will make a short presentatation of them here, and then you are very welcome to see more info on their respective pages on and contact me for any info! 


Born 2009

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Perla (EEAaCrCrgg)
Height: 163 cm

Confirmed in foal for 2018 with Fiero VIK (Novedosa PM - Donoso VII) 

Artico VIK 2013, on our international breedingprogram


Euforia VIK 2014 sold to Finland
Offspring Indigo VIK 2016 by calificado Donoso VII - for sale 


Born; 2010

Breedingstatus; APTO

Colour: Buckskin (EeAACrgg)
Height: 165 cm

Confirmed in foal with Artico VIK for 2018

Offspring Fiero VIK (sire Donoso VII) - On our breedingprogram 2018

Offspring Hidalgo VIK (sire Donoso VII) - for sale   
Offspring Chula VIK - broodmare      
Offspring Judith VIK by Artico VIK 


Born 2014

Breedingstatus; APTO
Colour: Golden Buckskin (EeAACCr)
Height: 162 cm

Chula and Viva 2017

Viva VIK palomino filly by Chula VIK y Brillantino VIK



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 30 augusti 2013 01:28

Boys and I have been training seriously this week, well inspired by European championships in Herning, congratulations to Charlotte and Valegro for the ride of a lifetime, wow!
However all days we can't be serious and yesterday I decided to ride Donoso in holiday mode on a snaffle and in my most worn out jeans and sneakers, -I let him choose what to do and he did his passage around the trees :) Start did his 15 tempi-ones on a snaffle and without the noseband as he has had a allergy reaction, who need an arena au-natural works! I have also been training Alex and Halagador around the trees, Don A need to learn how to ride and steer with his legs and look where he is going and for this purpose trees can be highly effective :) Greetings from D-baby Antartica in Norway and Carmen in Sweden both born this year. Have a great weekend everyone! 



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 20 juni 2013 23:20

Look at it, I am going craaaazy over the colours, we said we wanted earthy colours, try this one the guy over the desk said (everytime we try a colour we have to get a whole big bucket of colour as there are no small ones for samples,.. TYPICAL spanish,.. But absolutely NOT this one,..
Then we tried to reason to a light and warm colour, sandyyellow, but as the bars are carriage red in combination with yellow we will have the spanish flag,.. so NO. I like grey with a bluetone to the red as it is a carriage red with lots of blue in it, BUT it was too blue and dark,..
We tried what they said was terracotta on the outside but,.. TOO pink!

So not very lucky so far with the colours, now we are back to the classical bone-white - and mandarin on the outside. Phew, colours are so important to get right, it's a matter of feeling comfortable or not.

As I have been going through a new outbreak of fibro and don't seem to get out of the route medicalcentre-stable-home (with the exception of a swedish midsummer celebration in Madrid yesterday) I am busy focusing on the positive and one good thing right now is the beginning of my arena. Little by litte and with alot of patience the finca is coming together :) 

And here a little midsummer-miracle-beauty, made in Norway by championmare Esplendida and Donoso, here 5 days old and named Antártica! She will no doubt be a lady on the catwalk of campeonas :)     

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 14 mars 2013 14:30

Here the baby story; Yesterday afternoon Pica showed all signs except wax-pluggs (any other name anyone?) and we sat in stables and almost froze to death. In the meantime our doormen came around to make some noise and we breathed through that with zen-patience, Pica did not seem to bother though, she was in too much pain :(

Pobrecita Pica yesterday    
Nova being supportive next door

We thought we'd better go back and get caravancar to be able to continue our watch and so we did, nervous to leave them but my mother is the guru-baby-watcher so I went with her feeling. Back in stables 2 hours later, the benefit from getting also some food and heat in system was great. We drove back and met a quiet mother-to-be. At this point she also had wax-plugs, the only missing sign, getting closer.. So we had some tea and I went checkin in on her every 30 min. Nothing. Then we decided to get some rest and through sleep I heard my mother going out to stables. 1 min later she opened door and said she was giving birth, he had just peeked through and looked curious at us both! Brr it was the coldest night in Spain ever, just right for my Viking-boy to arrive :) Mum gave birth with the jacket on no problem and baby arrived well and full of energy, hurray!!! Picara greeted her baby, such a beautiful moment, and then stayed resting for a while whilst we dried baby with towels. I had wished for a isabelo colt without any white markings, and there he was - absolutely straight from that vision! Incredible joy!!



After some rest he told us he wanted to eat, so we helped him on his legs and he had his first meal. All in the timespan of 1,5 hour. Then we had some tea and went back for a little while but as he looked full and sleepy we decided to go to bed aswell. And that was that - no drama, only love and peace! Beautiful!

I finish off with some pics from 'Tico's' first evening walk today  

Ártico VIK



Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 6 mars 2013 21:23

Phew what 3 days, it hasn't stopped raining one minute and we have had grey skys. Whilst our stable is getting renovated we have been out with USA visitors that has not seen any spanish countryside because of these foggy days, good thing we had horses to see and indoor arenas to use! And lovely people with a great positive attitude helps alot to endure kilometres and rain!

I have also been arranging and coordinating transports of 4 horses that are leaving for their new destinations, payments had to be done, issuing of healthdocuments and it has been non stop from 7 am to 2 am, so today I came home and crashed, but now revived again. A spanish breeder called me to book Festivo for two of his mares so next year more F babies will be born in Spain!

Super FEI PSG PRE - candidate for USA



Halagador warming up with Kate yesterday evening

Getting ideas for stables..


Here's Donoso's son today before leaving, a big boy now with grown out hair and trimmed ears :)

Beautiful Pinturero BAT ready for his journey and new home in USA, safe journey, be good and shine!


Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 4 mars 2013 20:28

This morning the vet told me he thought Pica was due anytime now, I have a feeling it's not quite time yet but difficult to say as it is her first one.. 
Today I saw Festivo's chestnut son, he already about 165 cm!


And he moves like this

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 28 februari 2013 12:49

Here a greeting from Reina Vikinga in Norway, she has had a tough recovery from a complicated operation and we are all very happy to see her now working again with her owner! 

RV was raised at our farm in Sweden and is now 5 years old by Firme AP and Reina XXXIV

Av L Viktoria M Sandberg - 2 januari 2013 00:31

Back from christmas holidays, even though I have somewhat disconnected I have been working with various clients. D from USA has now reserved some super exciting PRE youngstock, one of them being Donoso's son Pinturero BAT! That will be D's first offspring exported to this part of the world. Today I have been viewing two horses with T & J from Germany, it was a very nice meeting and even though we have been driving all day. At one point I almost backed over a lamppost and gave my car another scar but I assured them I AM a good driver. T said she prayed for us so I think she was not totally convinced! Despite no spanish meal I think I left them satisfied at the airport, safe and sound, only good horses can make you feel good despite many kilometres and no food!

Now I can't wait until tomorrow because then I will go and see MY horse family and I'm anxious, it has been over a week.. Cheerio til tomorrow!

PINTURERO BAT reserved for USA



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